Lab News

November 1st 2021

Congratulations Isabelle for successfully defending her Master's thesis. Great work!

April 14th, 2021

BonZeb is published today in Scientific Reports! Read it here

March 2nd 2021

The first release of our BonZeb toolkit for zebrafish tracking and stimulation in Bonsai is online! Find our paper on bioRxiv

December 18th 2020

Congratulations Rida on winning the Dr. Jonathan Dostrovsky CPIN award - awesome work! Find the link to the announcement here

December 18th 2020

Michael gave a great presentation today at CPIN day - superb job!

December 17th 2020

Congratulations Nick on winning the CSB Vietnamese-Canadian Community Graduate Award in Zoology! Way to go!

December 14th 2020

Our lab was highlighted in UofT Magazine! Check out the article at this link.

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